FIBA 2K12 V1.9 NBA 2K12 Londom Olympic Mod Patch
Teams: Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United States, Philippines, Australia, Croatia, Dominican, Great Britain, Poland, Jordan, Korea, Venezuela, New Zealand, Nigeria, Tunisia, + 5 Retro Teams, +8 National Retro Teams

This is an update for FIBA 2K12 mod PC. If you already installed the previous versions and main files, All you have to do is install this update. If you're gonna start from zero (If you've never installed FIBA mod before, follow the steps below).

1. Install FIBA 2K12 V1
2. Install FIBA 2K12 V1.5
3. Install FIBA 2K12 V1.6
4. Install FIBA 2K12 V1.7
5. Install FIBA 2K12 V1.8
...Then install FIBA 2K12 V1.9 (Link located below)


You can just install the full version of FIBA 2K12 Final Edition.

Whats new on V1.9?

Updates to all the 12 Olympic teams(Jerseys, Rosters, Cyber faces):
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, Lithuania, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, USA + Poland Jersey 2012

Rosters, starting 5 and rotations are based according to 1st round games, Some starting lineups might not be accurate for some teams.

1.It appears that some of thea teams will have different jerseys, like Great Britain, Argentina etc. (This will be updated on next version)
2.If you want to include retro teams in the playoff and season modes, try using FIBA London '2012 RETRO CHANGED ID.ROS' roster file, it might work.
On the 'FIBA London 2012.ROS' do not include retro teams in  playoff and season  modes, the game might crash.

- Few faces have also been updated for various teams
- Olympic basketball court updated!
- Tried fixing some other bugs, should work now.

eda - everything, except for the following:
ldc1024 - Nike Hyperdunk Lunar, Hyperfuse 2012, China stuff,testing
Pepis21 - Jerseys (Poland, Spain)
Laker06 aka Kevin Bautista - faces, conversions
Donatas - faces, textures, testing, various help
Tha King - USA jersey update
Mythbuster - London 2012 court update
ssShareef - cp3, Kobe, Durant Olympic shoes
khowel24 - Westbrook cf
JZM and ycb15 - olympic Kobe's face

Instruction: Copy all the .iff files in your NBA 2K12 game folder.
Copy the Roster file in your Saves folder.
Play NBA 2K12 > Go to Main menu > Options > Load / Save > Select FIBA Roster

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Download Link: FIBA 2K12 MOD
By: Eda

Again, You must install V1.0, V1.5, V1.6, V1.7 and V1.8 first before applying this update and don't forget to make a backup of your main NBA 2K12 game folder.

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