Download FIBA 2K12 London Olympics Mod
FIBA 2K12 London Olympics Update

Teams: Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United States, Philippines, Australia, Croatia, Dominican, Great Britain, Poland, Jordan, Korea, Venezuela, New Zealand, Nigeria, + 5 Retro Teams, +8 National Retro Teams

This is an update for FIBA 2K12 mod PC. If you already installed the previous versions and main files, All you have to do is install this update. If you're gonna start from zero (If you've never installed FIBA mod before, follow the steps below).

1. Install FIBA 2K12 V1
2. Install FIBA 2K12 V1.5
3. Install FIBA 2K12 V1.6
4. Install FIBA 2K12 V1.7
5. Install the latest FIBA 2K12 V1.8 (link below)

Optional: FIBA 2K12 Startup Screen

What's new in Version 1.8?
Russia Jersey/Roster, Puerto Rico roster/Jersey, Korea Jersey, Dominicana Jersey/Roster, Macedonia Jersey/Roster, Jordan Jersey, Lithuania Jersey/Roster, Venezuela Jersey, Greece Roster, Added Team Nigeria

Fixed some bugs:
- Few faces have also been updated for various teams
- Caracas court
- Updated rotations for teh OQT teams.
- Some ratings have been slightly adjusted.

Pepis21 - Macedonia jerseys
Laker06 aka Kevin Bautista - work with roster, faces, conversions
Donatas - help with the error,cuts
Show_time - faces updates

You can find all FIBA 2K12 mod related posts in this link:

Copy all the .iff files in your NBA 2K12 game folder.
Copy the Roster file in your Saves folder.
Play NBA 2K12 > Go to Main menu > Options > Load / Save > Select FIBA Roster

Download FIBA 2K12 London Olympics Mod
File: FIBA 2K12 1.8 (File does not exist)

Again, You must install V1.0, V1.5, V1.6 and V1.7 first before applying this update and don't forget to make a backup of your main NBA 2K12 game folder.

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