The FIBA 2K12 project update v1.7
Please install v1.0, v1.5 and v1.6 first!

The update adds the following teams:
Jordan, Korea, Venezuela, New zealand

Retro: Yugoslavia 2002, USA 2002, Argentina 2004
Update for Lithuania 2012 (Jerseys, Roster)

Other fixes:
USA real warm ups, Pero antic tattos (not real), Ilievski, garcia and some other arm fixes, Dulkys cyber face, Portraits and many more.

Eda - basketball lover!

Thanks go to:
Showfom - for support and patience
Nickthequick31 - new zealand roster
Laker06 aka kevin bautista- work with roster, faces, conversions - big help
Kieran smith - new zealand faces
Show_time - dulkys cface
Everyine who reported the bugs and provided info!

1.Extract all the contents of the graphics into you main nba 2k12/fiba
2k12 folder.
2.Extract the roster file into your saves directory
(c:\users\-username-\appdata\roaming\2k sports\nba 2k12\saves)
73.Run the game, go to options and load the new 'fiba 2k12 ver1.8
Roster.Ros' file.
4.Play the game and enjoy the new teams!

Download link: FIBA 2K12 V1.7 (outdated)