NBA 2K12 Bradley Beal - Washington Wizards
Bradley Beal - Washington Wizards

I decided to make a roster with all the moves that were made since the draft. This roster is based on Kova's last update.
1) None of the cyberface files are mine... some of them are from champion's draft, some (Shved, Claver, Teletovic, Prigioni, Freeland, De Colo) are from the Euroleague and FIBA mode, some are made by tree55292 (Harkless, Fournier, Hamilton) also CFs for Hummel, Melo, Crowder, Sacre, Jenkins, James, Denmon were made by Kieran.

2) Almost all the rookies have their own portraits (well a few 2nd rounders don't). The portraits are based on the last update of the ESPN portraits by sasha104. I have made a few of the portraits myself (Davis, MKG, Waiters, Valanciunas, Rivers, Beal and a few more) and added a few that Asder had in his update.

3) All the contracts are updated(some players that are FA's are still with their respective teams and have a contract for 0$ as the requirement is for a team to have a 12 player roster) and all the moves made till today are included(Jeremy Lin to Houston included, I put Jamison to the Lakers as he will most likely wind up there). Also all salaries for all the players are correct (the yearly salaries for some players aren't but the total for all the contract years is correct) and the European player that were drafted in the 2nd round are in the FA pool as they will most likely stay in Europe for a few years

NBA 2K12 Dion Waiters - Cleveland Cavaliers
Dion Waiters - Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA 2K12 Jonas Valanciunas - Toronto Raptors
Jonas Valanciunas - Toronto Raptors

NBA 2K12 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - Charlotte Bobcats
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - Charlotte Bobcats

OJ Mayo - Dallas Mavericks NBA 2K12 Roster
OJ Mayo - Dallas Mavericks

by: davoor