NBA 2K12 Justice League Vs The Avengers V4 Mod
This is a mod for NBA 2K12 PC with 29 custom cyberfaces of superheroes, court and dorna. Created for all DC & Marvel fans out there. This game has faster game pace. Test your speed!

NBA 2K12 folder: Put the files into your main NBA 2K12 Game folder.
Saves folder: Copy the 4 files (Justice League vs The Avengers.SLD, Justice League vs The Avengers.STG, Justice League vs The Avengers.TMM, The Avengers V4.TMM) into your Saves folder. Then play NBA 2K12, load the roster you want the teams located in, then load the team.
Optional folder: You can choose to install the ABA Ball, Amazing Spiderman cyberface or the original Spiderman, Wolverine without mask or Wolverine with mask cyberface.

Coach: Nick Fury
Players: Atom Smasher 3070, Batman - Dark Knight 3031, Black lightning - Jefferson Pierce 3054, Brainiac 3053, Captain America 3037, Cyclops Scott Summers 3051, Dare Devil - Mathew Murdock 3039, Firestorm 3059, Green arrow 3057, Green lantern 3034, Hawk eye 3056, Hulk Bruce Banner 3044, Iceman 3055, Iron man 3045 updated, Plastic man 3049, Robin - Damian Wayne 3047, Spiderman - Peter Parker/Andrew Garfield 3043, Superman - Clark Kent 3030, Thaal Sinestro 3058, The Flash 3032, The Non 3038, The Thing 3048, The venom 3050, Thor 3046 updated, Wolverine 3040, Gambit 3052, Black Widow 3067 and Red tornado 3068.
Features: 29 Superheroes, Custom court & dorna, New transition screen, Fast game sliders.

Step by step:
1. Copy all the files in NBA 2K12 folder and paste it inside your NBA 2K12 game folder.
C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K12
2. Copy the 4 files in the Saves folder and paste it inside your NBA 2K12 "Saves" folder.
3. Play NBA 2K12 and go to Main menu > Options > Load / Save > Load Settings file, Sliders and Team file.

How to find NBA2K12 Saves folder?
- Windows 7 and Windows Vista:
It's located at "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K12\Saves" You can find it by opening the Start Menu then type %Appdata% in the search pane then Open 2K Sports > NBA 2K12 > Saves.

- Windows XP users:
It's located at "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\2K Sports\NBA 2K12\Saves" Open "Run" > type %Appdata% then press Enter and Open 2K Sports > NBA 2K12 > Saves.

How to find NBA2K12 Game folder?
It's located at "C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K12" (Depends where you installed the game) You can right click the NBA2K12 desktop shortcut and select "Open folder location" to find it easily.

Mod Screenshots:
NBA 2K12 Justice League Vs The Avengers V4 Mod DC MarvelNBA 2K12 Justice League Vs The Avengers V4 Mod Marvel
created by: MGX
NBA 2K12 Justice League Vs The Avengers V4 Mod DCNBA 2K12 Justice League Vs The Avengers V4 Mod NBA2K13
Note: Don't forget to backup your original files.

Gameplay Preview

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