NBA 2K12 ESPN Scoreboard New Update Patch
NBA2K12 Accurate ESPN Scoreboards Patch for PC
Changes made:
Everything is changed here, but the obvious changes are:

- The hex patterns below the scoreboard
- Team color background
- Correct NBA on ESPN font
time, quarter and shot clock font.

This is the most accurate ESPN scoreboard right now.
There are three versions: NBA Today, NBA on ESPN, and NBA Today Showcase.
Choose 1 and paste it inside NBA 2K12 game folder 7 installation directory.

Spoiler: Brooklyn Nets court done by me, I will release it soon. - Mythbuster

Note: To Install this patch simple paste it into your NBA 2K12 game / main

How to Find NBA 2K12 Main Folder:
    1. Right click NBA 2K12 desktop game shortcut.
    2. Select "Properties".
    3. Click "Open File Location".
    4. Paste the files from the patch inside the main folder.

Alternatively, You can just Right click the desktop shortcut and select
"Open File Folder" or "Open Folder Location"

or you can just go to the default installation directory:
    DVD version: C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K12
    Steam version: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\nba 2k
Preview / Screenshots:
NBA 2K13 ESPN Scoreboard New Update Patch

NBA 2K12 ESPN Scoreboard New Update Patch

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