TNT Mode Playoffs NBA 2K12
TNT Mode Playoffs NBA 2K12

It's recommended to install first tnt mode logos and tnt mode season for have a full immersion tnt broadcast.

This mode contain files to put into your game after the regular season ending and start playoff
- New TNT scoreboard texture recreated (now it's real)
- Scoreboard for east or west conference playoff  (To put individually if you use East or West team)
- Fictional finals scoreboard for East and West (The finals are exclusive of ESPN broadcast)

- Logos TNT (You can put this immediately in regular season)
- Global logos texture dds (You must put this in your global when playoff start)
- All other files like halftime, studio show.. etc.. (You must put this files when playoff start)

You must only overwrite your files on nba2k12 game folder...And backup your files first
Thanks to rico560 for creating 3d team logos that i use as a base
Thanks to ariel for the exellent work on tnt scoreboard 3d

Author: Sixers85