This will unlock everything possible in the settings file including
- The Run TMC 90-91 Warriors
- Sacramento Kings 2001-02
- All of the NBA Greatest Teams
- Retro Jordan Shoes
- Various jerseys

It will also unlock the following jerseys which do -not- have an iff file associated with them (so they are white in-game)
- All Star 2012 Uniforms
- Christmas Uniforms for - Chicago, Boston, Miami, Knicks, Lakers & Dallas
- "Back in Black" Uniform for - Miami Heat
- "Military Night" Uniform for - Toronto Raptors

NBA 2K12 keeps asking me to sign in or make a new 2k account - Go to Features > My2K > My2K Account then fill up all your 2k account infos and it will auto save. It wont ask you again to log in or make a new account the next time you open NBA 2K12.

My2K Account popping out - Register with a birthday below 13 years old(e.g. 1/1/2011). My2kaccount registration will be cancelled and you will be directed to the main menu (Only do this if you don't wanna play online. If not, follow the instructions above)


To use, put this settings file in your saves folder then load it in the game.
1. Extract/Unrar the file.
2. Copy the Settings file.
4. Start > Run > Type : %AppData% then press Enter
    or just go to: C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming
5. Open 2K Sports\NBA 2K12\Saves
6. Paste the settings file inside "Saves" folder.
7. Load the settings file in game.

by Jaosming

Unlock All NBA 2K12 Settings - Download Link