NBA 2K12 Realistic Game SlidersNBA 2K12 Realistic Game Sliders2
NBA 2K12 ReaLife Gameplay Sliders Patch

Author: Dreamsta

UPDATE: Associations settings also in screenshots to show how to set sliders easily

Instructions: place game slider file in your nba 2k12 save folder -
How to find save folder click start and type fol then press enter folder options should appear click view tab

Now look for where it says : show hidden files, and folders, and drives: select that and click ok to close
Go back to start click your user name above documents you should now see a folder called appdata

For xp users the folder should say application data , now go in that folder now in the search box type nba 2k12

Now go in the folder that reads "nba 2k12" exactly - go to save folder this folder contains your game settings

And game sliders files as well as your config files are in this folder

-This is best used with mvp gameplay mod v6.5 or without your choice
-These sliders are really realistic
-I toned the blocks down again
-The steals are all the way down because just timing the cpu passes is too easy this helps reduce crazy fast breaks
-Shooting is balanced perfectly you won't hit every shot neither will the cpu
-Rebounding is still the same so box out
-When you play against teams like the knicks you'll feel like your really playing them
-Good balance between driving to basket and shooting tendencies
-It is on hall of fame of course but i gotta tell ya it's fun
-You can turn the ball over with bad passes more and cpu as well if you turn over too much just adjust the passing slider
-All these elements are within a real game thats why in a real game the score is not always so huge!
-I turn down game speed to 47 cause if your open for a three the cpu shouldn't get to you so fast from the paint
-Also look out for my enb shadow tweak if you have a lcd plasma or led this is really good for you
-I used this with my old nba 2k11 and i just wanted to test it but man it looks great so i'll share it
-One more thing if fouls too high turn down by one and don't fall for the pump fakes peace!