Download NBA 2K12 Allen Iverson Philadephia 76ers
Everyone likes Allen Iverson because of his killer crossover move so why not bring him back? In this patch you can now play NBA 2K12 with Allen Iverson in Philadelphia 76ers with proper accesories and correct player moves / signatures. Download link is included  below this post.

Allen Iverson #3 Guard
Team: Philadelphia 76ers

Born: Jun 7, 1975
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight: 165 lbs. / 74.8 kg.
College: Georgetown, D.C.
Years Pro: 14

This is my version 2.2 of Allen Iverson for NBA 2k12. This pack contains different types (with/without his brand sleeve and pad)of A.I. Now The Answer looks more real. Roster is also updated with Allen Iverson in Philly with correct moves. Thanks to tck86millennium for the signature. Place the .iff file inside NBA 2K12 main folder and place the roster file inside "saves" folder and load the roster in game.

NBA 2K12 Allen Iverson Cyberface v2.2 + Updated Roster