AUTHOR : Albys

1) Updated overall, tendencies, sigshots for 40+ players (based real stats)
2) Updated some coach profiles for better gameplay
3) Added DJ Kennedy, Blake Ahearn, Morris Almond, Diamon Simpson, Jerome Dyson and Rashad McCants.
4) Updated some rotations.
5) Fixed some potential and contracts.
6) Updated some accessories and shoes
7) Albys draft class 2012, perfect for association with RR5!
8) Note: Some players released in real nba like Jermaine O'Neal or Mason are in original team (like Boston-Washington) because is better for association mode (salary cap)
9) Improved gameplay with 2 sliders set:
- "RR5 slider normal" is a good challenge game.
- "RR5 sliders SuperSim" is a bit more hard.
- RR5 work better with MichaelVLutz49 .exe patch (mvp and jd mod v8- more faster defense n offense moves - regular jerseys): this .exe is highly recommended

Okay, maybe this is latest Realistic Roster release for this season.
I think NBA 2K12 + Albys RR5 patch is already NBA2K13 or better.

Sorry if i don't changed some things like shoes or jerseys/accessories colors, but i spend lot of times for a better gameplay ever and for better draft class 2012 (some players like McAdoo maybe will stay in NCAA). Overall, potential and tendencies are based on RR5 values.

For rookie draft class 2012 faces, Please download Champione 2012 Draft Class With Faces v4 file and put graphics file in your game folder.

NBA 2K12 Albys NBA 2K12 Realistic Roster V5