How to update NBA 2K12 Roster Offline for XBOX 360

Official Roster: 03/16/2012

Online Data File: 03/16/2012
same as the roster file (in rar)

Title Updates: 12/04/2011
Title Update 1.4
(Put in Cache Partition > Cache) (Won't make 2k12 work on LT+ 2.0)
How to update my Roster offline?
Personally, I use XTAFGUI (use the latest) to browse my files so I'll be using it in this TUT.
Format your USB drive via XBOX (Setting > Strorage > Format USB (something like that.)
If you don't have a saved profile in your USB Drive, go to 2k12 and save a profile onto your USB Drive otherwise, skip this.
Put your USB Drive on a USB port of your PC
Go to File > Open USB Drive Manually > Select your USB Drive.
Go down to the last folder from your Data Partition Folder where you see your saved profile and drop your downloaded Roster file there.
You may have to load your Roster File manually via Save/Load option.

How can I use the Online Data File?
Again, I'll use XTAFGUI on this one.
Save an Online Data when prompted before going to the Home Menu of NBA 2K12 onto your USB Drive.
Put USB Drive to PC.
Go to File > Open USB Manually > Select your USB.
Go find for the folder in which you'll find your Online Data file. (It's under Data Partition)
Delete it and Inject your downloaded Online Data File.
Enjoy new shoes, updates and some bug fixes.
(If you were not prompted to save an ODF, you already have it on your Memory Units, so delete it and restart 2k12.)

How to fix Black Arms of my Rookies?
Read how to use Online Data File above, that should fix it.