Author: HAWK23
Ultimate Base Roster V11 [179 Retro/Legend Teams + 30 Updated Current Teams]
Major Updates in V11:
• 8 new retro teams Added (10 Lakers, 07 Spurs, 01 Lakers, 99 Spurs, 95 Pacers, 94 Warriors, 93 Sonics, 74 Celtics)
• All 30 All-Time Franchise Teams now have at least 15-20 players on their roster (extended player rosters)
• Enabled trading, releasing, and assigning for ALL 30 All-Time Franchise Teams
• Added 25+ new cyberfaces (courtesy Laker06)
• Added 4 new jerseys as alternate selections for current/all time teams (courtesy Laker06 – converted by Nuhmete)
• Added 3 new retro arenas for teams
• Added head/assistant coaches to every All-Time Franchise Team
• Added a “Free Agent Legends / Role Players” Team/List for significant players that are not found anywhere else in the roster at this point (Dino Radja, Kenny Walker, Sleepy Floyd, Eric Murdock, Olden Polynice, Kelly Tripucka to name a few)
• Minor tweaks/modifications/edits made to some players for improved game play
IMPORTANT NOTE #1: I highly recommend going to the rotations menu and reviewing the All-Time Franchise Team rotations before playing. Since all teams have 15-20 players it's important that you go and select which players you want on your 12 man team that will be eligible to play in your game. Remember some teams have as many as 8 IR spots because I gave these teams extended rosters.
IMPORTANT NOTE #2: You may notice that the Retro Team "OVERALLS" that show up at the Quick Play Screen are out of whack - just ignore it - it doesn't affect game play at all.
IMPORTANT NOTE #3: Because I've mirrored some players onto the All-Franchise Teams there is one negative consequence. When you go into the Rotations Menu I HIGHLY recommend that you don't scroll through the Specific Year Retro Teams as you will be constantly asked to "update this team's rotation minutes". The game play still works perfectly and substitutions are made correctly, however because some players are mirrored onto the All-Franchise teams the game gets confused and will constantly ask you to change their minute rotations. So a word of advice: Only scroll through the Current NBA Teams and/or the All-Time Franchise Teams when entering the rotation menu.
IMPORTANT NOTE #4: Any/all questions, suggestions, comments, complaints regarding putting teams or using teams in Association or Season/Playoff mode will be ignored.
As always Current NBA Teams were left untouched and unaffected - and rosters are updated as of 3/28/12. In the next version I'll look to update the current rosters to the most current Official2K update.



This is the "Ultimate Base Roster" file for NBA2K12. I’ve named it this because of all the other extras included in just ONE roster file and all functions work (association, season, etc) without overwriting any data. It is EXTREMELY recommended you download and install Wim.vl’s 350+ Portrait Patch to use in conjunction with this roster file as it is completely compatible with every team within this roster. To download this portrait patch follow this link


1. You will see 2 folders in the WinZIP file.

2. You need to place everything located in the "Main NBA2K Folder" winzip folder into:
C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K12 (NOT THE SAVES FOLDER)

3. You need to place the file named “UltimateBaseRosterV11” located in the "SAVES" winzip folder into: C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K12\Saves

Then open the game and load the “UltimateBase” roster.

For Steam users:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NBA 2K12

(Note – if you load the roster and not all the teams are showing then first load “Unlock All Settings” from the load menu. I included this file for anyone who hadn’t downloaded it yet (courtesy Jao).

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will installing the Ultimate Base Roster (UBR) overwrite anything?
A: No, UBR does not overwrite any game content. You’re asked to overwrite files when installing because the mod utilizes some hidden content in the game and has to tweak those files to make them work properly.

Q: Are the regular teams updated?
A: UBR uses 2K’s official roster updates – check below to see what the most current version is.

Q: Why do I see headless players with white arms/white jerseys?
A: This is caused by installing the files to the wrong folder. Extract all the files into your 2K12 folder except the .ROS file, which should go to your saves folder.

Q: Why do I see black courts?
A: This is because the custom courts in the mod are made for high graphics settings. The only solution is increasing your graphics settings.

Q: Some retro teams doesn’t work on association.
A: Most retro teams do, but not all of them. All regular NBA teams work in association and that’s what is most important.

Q: You say the mod uses real jerseys but I downloaded a team and it had a fake jersey.
A: The days of .TMM files with fake jerseys are long gone. You have downloaded an obsolete version of those teams from a different site. Please make sure you’re getting the latest version and what you download is named Ultimate Base Roster.

Q: When I start an association with a retro team, the players get scrambled after a while.
A: 2K12 is known to fail sometimes while handling big data files. If the problem persists even if you shut down and start the game again, export your team, load it in a vanilla roster of your choice and start the association from there. You can switch to UBR again after that, the association save will keep the vanilla roster.