Author: Jowe
Now including Refs missing in the first version.
Tried to do something like this years ago on Nba live.
So made this for myself, replacing the basic people you see in all the games.
All or most of the generic commentators have been replaced with the real life ones.
Note: that the game chooses who appears randomly so you might have four reggie millers
(you can only see him not hear him fortunately).

Screen shots:
Commentatators : Mike breen, Marv Albert, David Alridge,
Bill Walton, Reggie Miller, Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Fratello, Steve Kerrrrr.


The zombie butterface cheerleaders have been modded, with more hotter real women.
You can take a guess who i replaced them with.


And ofcoarse, when you encounter the always consistent/reliable third quater meltdown with calls that never go your way. You'll have someone to blame this time.
The three headed monster of refs, Joey Crawford, Dan Crawford and Dick Bavetta ( couldn't make him more corpse like ) .

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