Author: Julius06
NBA 2K12 Portrait Packs V1 for Ultimate Base Roster

*This portrait is only compatible with Ultimate Base Roster v11 by Hawk23
* I will remove also the fake players and also players in 2kChina,
VCSports and NBA 2k and replace it with new portraits
* If you find any wrong portraits, please post it here so i can edit it
* Also if you have high quality pics that is medium size with name of players, post it here
* If new version of Ultimate Base Roster, i will again edit the portrait id and post it here

Added Portraits
Dolph Schayes, George Yardley, Cliff Hagan, Tom Heinsohn ,Sam Jones ,KC Jones ,Paul Arizin ,Tom Sanders ,Larry Siegfried ,Dick Barnett ,George Mcginnis ,Chet Walker ,Doug Collins ,Andrew Toney ,Henry Bibby ,Bobby Jones ,Bob Dandridge ,Dave Debusschere ,Nate Archibald ,Paul Pressey ,Randy Breuer ,Marques Johnson ,Earl Cureton

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