AUTHOR : BallerSkillz
Download NBA 2K12 BallerSkillz's Realistic Colors Global V1
BallerSkillz's Realistic Colors Global
Please note that the preview pic is when the global was not yet shadow modded

• Black and White Accessories and socks (Thanks for the Tutorial by Lagoa)
• Threeq's NBA Like Accessories and his facial sweat
• Gory's awesome accessories and his arm and leg sweat
○ Ellis NBA Knee Brace (ON KNEE SLEEVES)
○ Smaller Shoulder Sleeve Pads
○ Short Arm Sleeve And MANY MORE!
• Socks by Fliplaurel
• TneckDME's Enhanced Pack V4
• TNT Mod by Sixers
• SCJ's Muscle Reuduction patch
• SeanJohn1414's Shadow Mod
• BBMylove's Adidas Techfit Sleeve
• Calf Sleeve with Black Ends
• Leg Sleeve Boozer Style
• Dmayne's DRose Accessory (striped Socks)

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