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POSTED ON 12/17/2013

NBA 2K14 Patrick Beverley Afro Hair

NBA 2K14 cyberface mod for Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley. This is not just a re-textured CF. Everything has been edited including the 3D to copy his facial structures and also make the mini afro hairstyle more detailed.

Realism Mod Patrick Beverley

Other changes:
- Longer and more realistic hair
- Fixed the eyes
- Remodelled head shape (smaller)
- Added facial hair: beard & mustache
- Fair skin tone
- and many more!

Filename: png1650.iff
Created by: da1514
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

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  1. 2k's version be like..

  2. Hair looks fine, face doesn't.

  3. best one as of now

  4. great job 10/10 also try making terence jones and greveis vasquez curve line haircut like paul george but on the left side, bogut new hair and beard update

  5. Matt Barnes and Jordan Crawford please:)

  6. The greats facemakers:)

  7. andrew bogut pls thick beard