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POSTED ON 9/29/2013

NBA 2K14 Team Ratings

The table below shows the team ratings in NBA 2K14, sorted in descending rank order (strongest to weakest). Based on the initial rankings from NBA 2K14, the Heat are still the best team in the game followed by the Spurs.

# Team Name Division
1Miami HeatSoutheast
2San Antonio SpursSouthwest
3Indiana PacersCentral
4Chicago BullsCentral
5Oklahoma City ThunderNorthwest
6Los Angeles ClippersPacific
7Golden State WarriorsPacific
8Brooklyn NetsAtlantic
9New York KnicksAtlantic
10Memphis GrizzliesSouthwest
11Houston RocketsSouthwest
12Denver NuggetsNorthwest
13Dallas MavericksSouthwest
14Cleveland CavaliersCentral
15New Orleans PelicansSouthwest
16Portland Trail BlazersNorthwest
17Los Angeles LakersPacific
18Detroit PistonsCentral
19Minnesota TimberwolvesNorthwest
20Boston CelticsAtlantic
21Atlanta HawksSoutheast
22Washington WizardsSoutheast
23Toronto RaptorsAtlantic
24Charlotte BobcatsSoutheast
25Sacramento KingsPacific
26Phoenix SunsPacific
27Orlando MagicSoutheast
28Milwaukee BucksCentral
29Philadelphia 76ersAtlantic
30Utah JazzNorthwest

Which teams do you think are overrated or underrated in NBA 2K14? Do you agree that the Utah Jazz are the worst team? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. The Lakers are quite underrated, knowing that Kobe Bryant is not injured in this NBA 2K14 roster.

  2. are the jazz the worst team?!? absolutely not!

  3. The Warriors are a bit overrated for me.

  4. I think the Magic could compete for the worst team. The Bucks should be a couple spots higher.

  5. Bobcats must be the lowest. ^_^

  6. The Lakers have nobody but Kobe and Pau. That a good team does not make.

  7. it's time to say goodbye to 2k13. i'm so sad :(

  8. bobcats are gone my friend...

  9. Sixers should be in the last place.

  10. yeah, Philly is the worst

  11. Grizzlies so underated, they are better than 3 of the above and knocked out of the playoffs number 5 and 6