NBA 2K13 Miami Heat All Jerseys Patch


Miami Heat New Practice Home JerseyMiami Heat New Practice Away Jersey

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch updates all the uniforms of the Miami Heat. The pack includes the following: Home, Away, Alternate, White Hot, Back in Black, Latin Nights, Classic Home I, Classic Away I, Classic Alt I, Christmas, Practice Home and Practice Away.
- Includes all the jerseys of the Miami Heat (12)
- Uniform numbers were made from scratch because the original jerseys have low quality
- Replaced the rounded letters with new font
- 2 versions of the Away jersey: 1 with 'MIAMI' logo and 1 with 'HEAT' logo
- 1 optional jersey: Blood Black (replaces the Back in Black) included in a separate folder
- New warmups and practice uniforms
- Fixed all the front jerseys number position
- HD jersey texture (REV 30)

NBA 2K13 Miami Heat Home Jersey PatchNBA 2K13 Miami Heat Noche Latina Jersey Patch

NBA 2K13 Miami Heat Away 'HEAT' logoNBA 2K13 Miami Heat Away 'MIAMI' logo

NBA 2K13 Miami Heat Alternate Jersey PatchNBA 2K13 Miami Heat White Hot Jersey Patch

NBA 2K13 Miami Heat Back in Black Jersey PatchNBA 2K13 Miami Heat Blood Black Fictional Jersey

NBA 2K13 Miami Heat Classic Home 1 Jersey PatchNBA 2K13 Miami Heat Classic Away 1 Jersey Patch

NBA 2K13 Miami Heat X-Mas Jersey Patch (Big Color)NBA 2K13 Miami Heat Classic Alternate 1 Jersey Patch

Created by: rh1no
Filenames: ua010.iff (2x), r4h010.iff, r3h010.iff, r1x010.iff, r1h010.iff, r1a010.iff, ux010.iff, uhx010.iff, uh110.iff, uh010.iff, uax010.iff (2x), ua110.iff
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