NBA 2K15 - How to Redeem the KD MVP Preorder Bonus Pack

If you pre-ordered a copy of NBA 2K15, you should have received a 'Locker Code' to unlock in-game content. The purpose of this tutorial is to help walk you through redeeming your Locker Code and download the Kevin Durant MVP Bonus Pack.

NBA 2K15 PC - How to Fix System Service Exception Error

2K Sports is aware of an issue with NBA 2K15 on Windows 7, where some users may receive the following error:

NBA 2K15 - Full List of Xbox One Achievements

There are a maximum of 50 NBA 2K15 achievements with a total of 1000 points on the Xbox One version. Achievements are rewarded to the player after reaching certain milestones or completing challenges in the game. Here is the complete list:

How to Fix XINPUT1_3.dll Error - NBA 2K16, NBA 2K15, NBA 2K14, NBA 2K13 [PC]

This is a tutorial on how to fix the missing xinput1_3.dll on the PC version of NBA 2K16, NBA 2K15, NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K13.

Issue: NBA2K13.exe, NBA2K14.exe, NBA2K15.exe, NBA2K16.exe doesn't start after a successful installation and will display the following error "The program can't start because XINPUT1_3.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

NBA 2K14 PC Blacktop Roster - All Players Unlocked

An edited NBA 2K14 roster with all players available in Blacktop mode. This is the only way to unlock the superstars since 2K Sports took away the VC feature on the PC version of 2K14. The roster is based on the latest official update from 2K Sports (12-10-13).

NBA 2K14 Simple Trainer (Assign Cyberface)

Description: This tool for NBA 2K14 PC allows you to assign cyberface & portrait, adjust player's body &type, and change the height & weight. The program is in Chinese language, but you can refer to the image above for the English translation (also included in the file).

Updated: Added the English translations for the body type.

NBA 2K14 Cheats: Unlimited Skill Points for MyCAREER

Description: This detailed tutorial will teach how to get unlimited skill points in NBA 2K14's MyCAREER mode using Cheat Engine. I thought this might be handy for people who wants to make a 99 overall player instantly.

NBA 2K14 PC - How to Play the All-Star Games

Description: Here's a simple trick that will allow you to play the 2013 All-Star game in NBA 2K14 PC version by just changing the date of your computer. It sounds ridiculous, but it really works!

NBA 2K14 - How to Unlock All Players in Blacktop Mode

Description: This is a tutorial on how to unlock all the superstars in NBA 2K14's Blacktop mode without using any VC (virtual currency).

1. Download the file located at the bottom of this post.
2. Extract 'NBA 2K14 Blacktop Roster.rar' and there will be a file called 'Blacktop.ROS'
3. Copy the Blacktop roster into NBA 2K14 'Saves' folder.
- You should be able to find this folder by typing %AppData%/2K Sports/NBA 2K14/ into Windows 'run' (Press windows key + R).
• Windows Vista/7/8
“C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K14\Saves”
• Windows XP
“C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\2K Sports\NBA 2K14\Saves”
5. Go to Options → Load/Save → Load → Choose "Blacktop"

NBA 2K14 Xbox 360 Gamepad Controls & Diagram

Description: This article lists all the basic and advanced NBA 2K14 controls for Microsoft Xbox 360® gamepad controller, taken from the digital NBA 2K14 manual. For PS3 controllers, follow this LINK.

NBA 2K13 Real Signature Jump Shots

Description: Here are some NBA 2K13 signature shot fixes for certain players. Applying these will make their jumpshot forms, timings, and releases accurate. Just like how they shoot in real life!

• Miami Heat
Chris Bosh: Release 68 Jump Shot 38
Dwayne Wade: S. Curry Jump Shot 35
LeBron James: L. James Jump Shot 2
Mario Chalmers: C. Anthony Jump Shot 18
Mike Miller: Release 6 Jump Shot 28
Norris Cole: Release 4 Jump Shot 32
Ray Allen: R. Allen Jump Shot 31
Shane Battier: Release 39 Jump Shot 10

• San Antonio Spurs
Danny Green: Release 7 Jump Shot 13
Tim Duncan: Release 69 Jump Shot 30
Kawhi Leonard: Release 1 Jump Shot 33

• Others
James Harden: Release 57 Jump Shot 30
Kevin Durant: K. Durant Jump Shot 17
Kyrie Irving: Release 71 T. McGrady
Paul Pierce: P. Pierce J. Kidd
Stephen Curry: Release 76 C. Paul

How to use:
Load your preferred roster then go to Options > Manage Roster > Rosters > Select a player > Choose Edit Player > Go to Signature and apply the correct shooting f…

NBA 2K13: Create a Custom Startup Screen

Description: I thought it would be nice to make a detailed tutorial on how to create a custom start-up screen for NBA 2K13, as I get a lot of request for it.  It's really simple once you learn the basics.

NBA 2K13 List of Player's Signature Shots

Description: This is a list of all the realistic shot release / signature shot for all NBA players. Use "Ctrl + F" on your keyboard to find a specific player.

NBA 2K13 Tutorial: How to Assign a Cyberface

Description: This is a tutorial on how to assign a cyberface to a specific player with generic 2K face. Usually, NBA players who weren't in the game at the time of release don't have cyberfaces assigned to them so you need to download a patch and enable it in the roster. All the steps will be accompanied by screenshots and instructions so you can't get lost.

In this tutorial, I'm going to use Pablo Prigioni of the New York Knicks as an example.

STEP 1: Download the cyberface that you want to assign. In my case, I'm going to install the Pablo Prigioni CF created by AmaroWaade.

STEP 2: Copy the pngXXXX.iff (cyberface file) into NBA 2K13 game directory.

STEP 3: Open the NBA 2K13 main menu and go to Options > Manage Roster > Rosters.

STEP 4: Select a team and a specific player then choose 'Edit Player'.

STEP 5: Once you're in 'Edit Player' screen, minimize the game by pressing Alt + Tab on your keyboard.

STEP 6: Open the NBA 2K13 PC Turbo Trainer cr…

NBA 2K13 How to Create a Real Player in MyCareer

Description: This tutorial will show you how to make a real NBA player in NBA 2K13's MyCAREER mode using the Turbo Trainer created by Rozj. This tutorial is intended for those people who wants to learn how to clone a specific player from the roster.

STEP 1: From the NBA 2K13 menu, go to 'Options' > 'Manage Roster' > 'Rosters' > Select a team and choose a player > 'Edit Player'.  In my case, I decided to choose LeBron James of the Miami Heat.

STEP 2: Minimize the game by pressing Alt + Tab on your keyboard.

STEP 3: Open the NBA 2K13 PC Turbo Trainer and go to 'Player' > 'Clone' > Tick the 'Vitals' and 'All ability' checkbox and click the 'Read' button.

STEP 4: Maximize the game and go to Menu > 'MyCAREER' > 'New' to create a new player.

STEP 5: You will notice that all the information of your selected player including skills, signature shots, attributes, accessories, cyberface…

NBA 2K13 - How to Unlock All Jerseys

NBA 2K13 Unlock All Jerseys / Uniforms.
Description: This settings file for NBA 2K13 will unlock the following:
• Miami Heat White Hot Jersey
• NBA All Star 2013 Uniforms
• Boston Celtics Christmas Jersey
• Brooklyn Nets Christmas Jersey
• Chicago Bulls Christmas Jersey
• Cleveland Cavaliers Alternate Jersey
• Dallas Mavericks Christmas Jersey
• Denver Nuggets Alternate Jersey
• Denver Nuggets Christmas Jersey
• Golden State Warriors Alternate Jersey
• L A Clippers Alternate Jersey
• L A Lakers Christmas Jersey
• Los Angeles Clippers Christmas Jersey
• Miami Heat Christmas Jersey
• New York Knicks Christmas Jersey
• OKC Thunder Alternate Jersey
• Oklahoma City Thunder Christmas Jersey
• Portland Trail Blazers Alternate Jersey
• San Antonio Spurs Alternate Jersey
This settings file will also unlock:
• ABA Ball (Code: "payrespect")
• Under Armour Torch Shoes (Code: "underarmour")
• Sprite +3 Bonus SP for MyCareer (Code: "spriteeffect")
Note: Most jerseys menti…

NBA 2K13 Unlock All-Star Teams & Hidden Courts

NBA 2K13 PC Trainer - Unlock All-Star Game
We can finally play the All-Star game and use all the hidden courts on NBA 2K13 PC without using any mods or patch!

UPDATE: Use this roster to unlock the east and west all-stars - http://www.nba2k.org/2013/04/nba-2k13-pc-unlock-all-star-teams-roster.html

Description: This NBA 2K13 trainer will allow you to use all the hidden teams (All star teams) and all courts on quick game and blacktop. You can also use this trainer to change the lock sliders & tendencies in NBA 2K13 MyCareer.
Available Courts: Blacktop, Rucker Park Night, Rucker Park Day, Show case, Practice Facility, Under Armour, Summer Circuit, All-Star (Old), All-Star (New), All-Star (Contest), All-Star (Rookie) and Jordan Brand Arena.
Available Teams: East All-Star, West All-Star, Rookie Stars, Elite Stars (Team Shaq & Team Chuck) and 2K Sports Team
Download: Mediafire | 4shared | Box
Note: This hack / cheats / trainer is only for NBA 2K13 PC.
Developer: DDunkShoot

NBA 2K13 PC East v…

NBA 2K13 List of Player's Cyberface Numbers

png0005 - Allen Iversonpng0006 - Anthony Carterpng0008 - Jerry Stackhousepng0013 - Ray Allenpng0031 - Juwan Howardpng0035 - Ben Wallacepng0040 - Gheorge Muresanpng0045 - Steve Kerrpng0046 - Toni Kukocpng0059 - Mike Bibbypng0067 - Zydrunas Ilgauskaspng0093 - Stephen Jacksonpng0110 - Vince Carterpng0122 - Steve Smithpng0129 - Tim Hardawaypng0135 - Kurt Thomaspng0143 - Vlade Divacpng0146 - Anthony Masonpng0157 - Jeff Hornacekpng0159 - Karl Malonepng0162 - Bryon Russellpng0163 - John Stocktonpng0174 - Mitch Richmondpng0185 - Charles Oakleypng0195 - Kobe Bryantpng0198 - Derek Fisherpng0226 - Jason Kiddpng0237 - Al Harringtonpng0257 - Antonio McDyesspng0262 - Antawn Jamisonpng0268 - Erick Dampierpng0275 - Rashard Lewispng0283 - Grant Hillpng0288 - Theo Ratliffpng0295 - Marcus Cambypng0316 - Sean Markspng0318 - Kevin Willispng0323 - Shawn Kemppng0326 - Gary Paytonpng0329 - Eric Snowpng0336 - Nazr Mohammedpng0349 - Dirk Nowitzkipng0358 - Steve Nashpng0365 - Kevin Garnettpng0386 - Cliff Robins…

NBA 2K13 - MyPlayer Unlimited Skill Points

Note: You must have enough skill points to make at least 1 purchase from any attributes.

Follow the instructions carefully:
1. Download Cheat Engine.
2. Open NBA 2K13.
3. Go to MyCareer > Player Upgrades > Attributes.
4. Write down your current total skill points (SP) located at bottom right corner of the screen.
5. Minimize NBA 2K13.  (Alt + Tab).
6. Open Cheat Engine and select nba2k13.exe on the process list.
7. Enter your current skill points in the "Value" input field then click "First Scan"
8. Go back to NBA 2K13 and purchase any attributes.
9. Again, Remember the value of your current total skill points (SP) located at bottom right corner of the screen.
10. Minimize NBA 2K13 (Alt + Tab) then go back to the Cheat Engine program.
11. Enter your new skill points in the "Value" input field then click "Next Scan".
12. After scanning, you will see 2 results on the left side of the cheat engine, double click both of it.
13. Both results sho…

Top 5 Most Common NBA 2K12 Problems

Although most common issues in NBA 2K12 can be fixed by simply re-installing the game, We decided to make a guide on how to fix NBA 2K12 bugs & glitches because many players doesn't want to re-install the game every time they encounter a glitch. The following are the top 5 common NBA 2K12 problems:

1. Rookie Black Arms
How to fix Rookie Black Arms on NBA 2K12. -  PC gamers:
a. Download the rookie black arms fix here
b. Extract the file and copy all the files into NBA 2K12 game folder (not saves folder)
("C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K12")
c. Overwrite the original files.

- XBOX and PS3
A patch came out few months ago that fixed this issue in xbox 360 and ps3. If you're still experiencing this problem, make sure your gaming console is connected on the internet and follow these steps.
a. Go to NBA 2K12 main menu
b. Open "2K Share"
c. Download the Official Roster and Official Patch
d. Go to Main menu > Options > Load / Save > Select the latest Rost…


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