NBA 2K13 The “Dream” Global Mod

Description: The "Dream" global mod + Progressive Sweat and Shadow Mod. This NBA 2K13 global mod is based on "Revitalize SuperGlobal".
- Three new MyPlayer casual top clothes: Bulldog logo shirt, NBA Cares shirt, and white shirt with NBA logo.
- Adidas accessories for Derrick Rose
- Long hexpad gears
- NBA All Star 2013 camo bright crew colorful socks
- Plain black Pants for MyPlayers
- Progressive sweat effect
- Shadow Mod

NBA 2K13 “Emerald Rose” v3 Revision Global Mod

Description: This is a revised edition of SeanJohn's "Emerald Rose" version 3 global mod for NBA 2K13. Almost everything is identical to SJ1414 global except for the sweat effect. Check out the screenshots below or try it in game and let me know what you think. Thanks guys!

NBA 2K13 Ultimate Mega Global v2

Description: This is an update to the version 1 of my modified global for NBA 2K13 PC. This is based on “Emerald Rose” version 4 global by SJ1414.
Previous version: NBA 2K13 Ultimate Mega Global v1

NBA 2K13 Ultimate Mega Global v1

Description: This patch contains a customized global for NBA 2K13 based on “Emerald Rose” version 3 global by SJ1414.

NBA 2K13 “Masterpiece” Global Mod

Description: This is a custom global file for NBA 2K13 which contains different textures and features created by different modders.

NBA 2K13 Enhanced ENB Series Mods for PC

Description: This mod pack includes 3 enhanced ENB & SFX mods for NBA 2K13 PC which gives realistic lighting and rich colors to the players, courts, and jerseys. It also contains a customized global that includes realistic eyes, Lagoa's edited body structure, Lroba's AC3 modified global, updated accessories and many more.

NBA 2K13 Shadow Lighting Global + ENB Mod v1.2

NBA 2K13 Global Mod + ENB Photomod Previews
Description: This patch contains a modified global and 2 different ENBs which adds a cinematic effect in NBA 2K13. The modified NBA 2K13 global combined with Photomod greatly increases the realism of the players in the game.
1. Choose between the 2 different ENB mods then copy the files in NBA 2K13 folder located at C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K13 or C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K13. It will not overwrite any original NBA 2K13 files.
2. Copy the global.iff in NBA 2K13 folder and overwrite the existing file.
3.Play NBA 2K13 then press Shift + F12 to activate and deactivate the Photomod / ENB.
- To uninstall the ENB, simply delete the files from NBA 2K13 folder or you can just deactivate it by pressing the hotkey.
Note: Most ENB mods are not compatible with any software that forces the triple buffering like D3DOverrider. If you are indeed experiencing game crashing, simply turn off the D3DOverrider program or uninstall …

NBA 2K13 HD Shadow Mod for PC

NBA 2K13 PC HD Skin Shadow Mod
Description: Do you want to play NBA 2K13 PC with graphics like in PS3 and XBOX 360? This patch will overwrite the default NBA 2K13 file. Do not forget to make a backup copy of your original global.
Features: Moving Shadow, Self-Shadowing on Players and HD Graphics
Created by: SeanJohn1414
File name: global.iff
Download:Mediafire | 4shared | Box
Note: You need a powerful video card in order to achieve this type of graphics in NBA 2K13 PC.

NBA 2K13 PC HD Mod Preview
NBA 2K13 PC HD Mod Preview (Dwyane Wade)
NBA 2K13 PC HD Mod Preview (Michael Jordan)
NBA 2K13 PC HD Mod Low Post Preview
NBA 2K13 PC HD Mod Game Preview

NBA 2K13 Floor Reflections Mod

Players Floor Reflection Patch for NBA 2K13 PC
Description: This NBA 2K13 mod will  replace the plain shadows with player reflections on the floor. Set all graphics settings to "High" & turn on the "Floor Reflections" from the NBA 2K13's video settings for better appearance. This patch might result to lower FPS (Frames per second) but if you have a powerful PC then this mod is for you. Modded by: Tatlopuyo File name: global.iff Download: Mediafire | 4shared | Box

NBA 2K13 Players Body & Accessories Mod

(Click the image to enlarge)
Features / Updates:
● Realistic player legs (Thinner compared to 2K)
● Correct shoe sizes.
● Black accessories.

Description: This patch will fix the wrong shoes and legs size for NBA 2K13 players. This will also overwrite the original NBA 2K13 file so don't forget to make a back-up copy of global.iff file.
File: global.iff
Developer: Lagoa
Download: Box | Mediafire | Fileswap

NBA 2K13 Progressive Sweat Mod

(click the image to enlarge)
Description: NBA 2K13 progressive sweat & veins removed. File name: global.iff Developer: Michaelvlutz49 Download: Fileswap | Box | Mediafire

Custom Global for NBA 2K12 PC

The Bourne Project - What is this? It's a custom global for NBA 2K12 PC.
Author's Note: Okay guys. I edited the black-ops shadows and skin and I named it "The Bourne Project" This is the last for me in 2K12. I hope to see you all again in 2k13 and I hope you will enjoy this global mod. This is a default global so you need to put all the accessories you want in the past global because I don't have enough time to put it. This includes The Bourne Project global and my currently using Photomod. If you see something to fix then your free to post it in this page and I'm happy for all your support and critics in my whole project in this 2k12 series.

I hope you will all continue to support all the modders that only want to make our game move to the next level. Well then, see you all again soon in NBA 2K13. Mabuhay mga pinoy!!!! - seanjohn1414

Black Ops Shadow Mod for NBA 2K12

NBA2K12 Black Ops Shadow Mod Effect
File: global.iff To Install: Copy the global.iff and Paste it inside NBA 2K12 game folder.

NBA All Star 2012 Mission Crew Socks NBA 2K12 Patch

File: global.iff
To Install: Copy the global.iff and Paste it inside NBA 2K12 game folder.
Note: Don't forget to make a backup

NBA 2K12 Extreme Graphics Mod v1

NBA 2K12 Bokeh Lights Effect Graphics Mod

File: global.iff Note: Always Back-up your files!
To Install: Paste the global.iff into your nba 2k12 game folder and overwrite the original file.
(Click view for more screenshots)

NBA 2K12 Superglobal Collision Blast 5.2 (New Gears Update)

Superglobal Collision Blast 5.2 (New Gears Update) AUTHOR : Collision V5.2 update Features NEW Hex pad sleeve, adidas ankle brace and short sleeve (imported from 2K11) cut muscles on shoulders are more visible now 2 versions with and without HEX reflection separatedly. still have the Progressive sweat v5 by michaelvluts49 global.iff are TNT based (both with and without Hex Reflection)