NBA 2K14 Complete Charlotte Bobcats Jersey Patch


NBA 2K14 Charlotte Bobcats Jersey Mod Pack

NBA 2K14 jersey pack that contains all the current and classic uniforms of the Charlotte Bobcats. It includes a total of 10 modded jerseys.

Included in the patch:
  • 2013-14 Home & Away Practice
  • 2013-14 Home (white)
  • 2013-14 Away (navy)
  • 2013-14 NBA green
  • 2013-14 Racing Day (light blue)
  • Classic Home I
  • Classic Away I (orange)
  • Classic Away I Alternate (blue)
  • Classic Home II "Carolina Cougars"

Filenames: ua031.iff, ua131.iff, uay031.iff, uh031.iff, uh131.iff, r1a031.iff, r1h031.iff, r1x031.iff, r2h031.iff, r3a031.iff
Created by: GeneriC
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