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POSTED ON 1/07/2014

NBA 2K14 Philadelphia 76ers Jersey Mod Pack

Download the complete set of modded Philadelphia 76ers jerseys for NBA 2K14. This pack includes the present-day uniforms as well as retro jerseys of the Sixers team. Check out the sample screenshots below.

  • 2000-2001 - Home (white) and Away (black)
  • 2013-2014
    • Practice uniforms
    • Home (white)
    • Away (red)
    • Alternate (blue)
    • Classic Away I - Nats
    • Classic Home II
    • Classic Away III
    • Classic Away IV
    • Classic Away V
    • Classic Home VI
    • Classic Away VI
    • Classic Away VI Alt
    • Classic Home VII
    • Classic Away VII

Filenames: ua000.iff, ua100.iff, ua595.iff, uh000.iff, uh100.iff, uh595.iff, ux000.iff, r1a000.iff, r2h000.iff, r3a000.iff, r4a000.iff, r5a000.iff, r6a000.iff, r6h000.iff, r6x000.iff, r7a000.iff, r7h000.iff
Created byGeneriC
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

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  1. i havent tried jersey mods yet, whos better tha king or generic? anyone?

  2. They have different styles, you can try both and see what's best for you

  3. tha king is the best jersey modder because he also updates the bench uniforms.

  4. And Generic makes all retro jerseys for current teams, and older teams..
    This kind of questions usually ends with a fight... so I repeat, try both jerseys and see what's best for you

  5. Can somebody PLEASE PLEASE make minnesota jerseys PLEASE...

  6. ok ba ang enb ko mga sir?anu pa pong kulang ko para mas gumanda graphics ko?hehhhhheheheh :D tnx ng mdami sa pag help :D

  7. pre bilson yan na yung court package ko eh

  8. yan po ung court packge na hd po

  9. your graphics is good

  10. Robert Chitown BillingsleyJanuary 9, 2014 at 10:19 PM

    when are you guys going to make cleveland cavs jersey's 1994-97 home and away, TORONTO raptors jerseys 1995-1999 home and away, denver nuggets jersey's 1993-2000 home and away, The new york knicks jersey's 1979-1983 home and away, and 1970 red portland jerseys????? real nba 2k baller add me on ps3 Lake_ripdhead079 im ready

  11. how about the FPS? can I still maximize my 53 FPS using this Graphics Enhancements?

  12. kailangan ko po pa bang i intsll yung Cam's dedication global Lagoa's super global at SJ's gratitude global? tnx po mga sir

  13. Install mo latest directX

  14. don't forget to back up original file thoe

  15. my enb and global... :(

  16. nice graphics

  17. panu gumamit ng CF ng ibang players??

  18. kailangan mo cd key

  19. don't know why but after installing this mod to 2k14 folder my games graphics have gotten lower? and why does it say ENB san andreas on the left top corner of my screen

  20. ano po ung link ng court nyo?? please

  21. which global cam did you used?? thanks for the reply.