NBA 2K14 Sacramento Kings New Court (HD Texture Mod)


NBA 2K14 Sacramento Kings Court HD Court Mod

This patch updates the Sleep Train Arena in NBA 2K14, to match the new 2013-14 court design for the Sacramento Kings. It has higher-res image texture than the original court file, so it really looks detailed and HD in-game.

New Kings Court

- Official 2014 court design for the Kings (with new center court logo)
- 4096×4096 resolution texture (HD)
- True court colors (black/purple)
- Realistic hardwood floor

Warning: This court is only compatible in "High" Texture Quality settings. It will appear blurry if you're using Medium or Low.
Installation: Make sure to replace the new f013 file in your Online Data/downloads folder as well.
Note: To increase the clearness of the court, I recommend you to use the Crystal Clear ENB.
Filename: f013.iff
Created by: iamLillard
Credits to: Exrxixxx (HD court) and Kahoona (3D)
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared