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POSTED ON 6/10/2013

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Away Jersey Patch

Description: This jersey patch for NBA 2K13 updates the jerseys of the Utah jazz. It also includes a fictional Big Color jersey and stadium crowd fix.
- Includes Home, Away, Alternate (Green), and Winter Court jersey
- Realistic jersey colors
- Smaller and detailed REV 30 jersey mesh holes
- Remade jersey numbers and jersey logos ('JAZZ')
- Fixed the number texture, placement, size and colors.
- Real warm-up uniforms of the Utah Jazz

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Home Jersey Patch

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Christmas Jersey Patch

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Green Alternate Jersey Patch

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Jersey Comparison

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Realistic Warmups Mod

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Enhancec Cheerleaders

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Improved Janitor Patch

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Crowd Fix

NBA 2K13 Utah Jazz Arena Fans Fix

Note: X-mas jersey file is included in a separate folder since there's no available slot for it.
Filenames: logo012.iff, team_012.iff, ua012.iff (x3), uh012.iff, ux012.iff
Created by: Tha King
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

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