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POSTED ON 5/13/2012

Dear NBA 2K12 Players,

The NBA 2K Server is now up and running. There was a problem with the NBA 2K server that has now been solved. If you experience any problems with playing online, leave a message below, and we’ll help you out.

Sunday, 13 May 1:09:26 p.m.(GMT + 0:00)

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  2. Sir why is whenever I play a quick game in 2k12 in real nba , the wins in the playoffs of MIA-BOS and OKC-SA are not updated it's still 2-0 ?? And sir while 2k12 is on home there is a previous game scores below the quick game but while I'm looking at the previous game the score of the teams that fought are only 0-0?

  3. i cant find any opponent on quick find match. can you help me with this?

  4. Do you get the "
    "There was a problem with your connection to 2k servers." error?